It has been a little while since the last Beginners cup, and since I will now start hosting cups as well, I've decided to host one myself! Beginners Cup #5 will happen on the March 31, 2018 starting at 18:00 UTC, with check-in starting an hour earlier at 17:00 UTC. This event will feature a larger map pool for a total of seven maps, including older and newer maps. While this is an experimental change, it will be interesting to see which are the most played/banned maps so I can maybe tweak the map pool for later cups.

The map list will be: cpm22, cpm24, darkztn, eizdm4, evolution, Fata Morgana, nd Fjo3tourney6. This cup will be run in a double elimination format, with the BO3 upper bracket, BO1 lower bracket, and BO5 Grand Final.

To register for this tournament, please join the icon_cpma CPMA Discord Server and message freddiaN that you would like to play.

Links: icon_cpma Promode Official Website, icon_discord CPMA Discord