Many international tournaments, cups and leagues have taken place in the CPM scene recently but more often than not American players are subjected to the cruelty of high ping games against Europeans in those foreign servers, where people speak foreign languages and say foreign things.

Well, no longer!

Americans may rejoice as we introduce the Americas Promode Conference exclusively designed for North and South Americans. Things will get started right away, tomorrow, on Sunday, March 11 2018, as our brave thirty-two (wait... read that one more time. You read that right!) American players prepare to face off for the next three weeks against their counter parts. Some of the heavy hitting names include gellehsak, Kwong-Lo, and vedemedik.

League Overview

This event will be a duel league where the players are separated into random groups of four. Players will then play other three contestants in the respective group, and for each win will be rewarded three points. Once all group games have been completed, the top two players from each group will advance to the Division I Playoffs, which will be single-elimination bracket, and the bottom two players from every group will advance to a Division II Playoffs, which will be a separate single-elimination bracket. Both brackets will feature a prize pool.

The admins for this cup will include: cxe (Head admin), xero (Referee).

Videos On Demand are available at this link here. Simply click a match you are interested in and it will display the demos that were uploaded to YouTube showcasing the winner's point-of-view.

Group A
1. erad
2. alvy
3. C@NIP
4. griff
Group B
1. Kyper
2. forest/
3. FearTheEnemy
4. DazedSpartan

Group C
1. rex
2. vdmk
3. lzr_dev
4. christian
Group D
1. lone
2. Meter
3. morigli
4. Cixxywuffie

Group E
1. gellehsak
2. Zaph
3. Sharqosity
4. Tundra
Group F
1. ATP
2. Sol
3. kwong
4. RoiAleTea

Group G
2. venim
3. send
4. kumo
Group H
1. Krvcsl
2. broom
4. d3th

The map pool consists of: cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, evolution, additionally, Fjo3tourney6 and darkztn are two new maps that add flavor to the existing map pool in the Promode scene.

The Stakes
  • icon_cup_gold 114.29 USD
  • icon_cup_silver 57.14 USD
  • icon_cup_bronze 28.57 USD
  • There will be 14.29 USD awarded for the Division 2 Champion.

The Schedule
Week 1: Mar. 11 - Mar. 17, 2018
Week 2: Mar. 18 - Mar. 24, 2018
Week 3: Mar. 25 - Mar. 31, 2018
Playoffs: Apr. 1 - Apr. 14, 2018

  • Game Schedule: Players must schedule date and time of their game. Once players have agreed to a date, and time, they must message their division admin (or if he is not available to any admin) of this information. All games have to be played before round deadline. If both sides (and admin) agree, a game can be delayed (rescheduled). Deadline for one round is one week.
  • Group stages points: For the group stages, games are best of three, and we will use the following point system
    • 3 points awarded to the winning player.
    • 0 points awarded to the losing player.
    • –100 points for not participating in any matches.
    • Should points be equal – score differentials from matches shall be used to determine who advances to division 1.
  • Map Selection: The players call heads or tails and use /callvote random 2. We will use pick (1), pick (2), drop (1), drop (2), drop (1), drop (2). In playoffs, an additional drop (1), drop (2) is required. Play-offs will be best of five. Maps will be picked similarly in play-offs: pick (1) pick (2) pick (1) pick (2) drop (1) drop (2).
  • Server Selection: Any CPMA 1.50 server with standard settings could be used that is in America. The ping difference between players should not be higher than 30. If players can't agree on suitable server, it is picked by an admin. Once a player gets ready in-game he accepts the server and its settings as they are.
  • Game Start: Player must play their matching within ten (10) minutes of games being assigned.
  • Match Reporting: After the matches are complete both players are required to submit their results to an admin. Any discrepancies in reported scores will be investigated by admins.
  • Matches: Players must take demos of all their games. Players can use cg_autoaction 7. Players must be able to provide demos of their games upon request.
  • Cheating: Cheating will not be tolerated, and any players caught or suspected of cheating will be immediately dropped from the tournament.

#playmorepromode (in America)! #apheleon #elpajuo #vamp1re #turnbacktheclock

*Just a quick update as of 3/14/2018: forrestfire replaced by lzr_dev in Group C.
*Update as of 3/16/2018: cuppajoeman replaced by Sol in Group F.

Links: icon_discord Americas Promode Conference, icon_challonge Groups, icon_cpma playmorepromode