Welcome to the first CTF Draft to held in over two years for CPMA. We will look to provide a competitive platform for beginners and veterans a like to test their skills, and potentially learn from each other. The event will be held on Saturday September 2, 2017. The event will have two distinct portions, the first will be the draft itself, where players are organized into teams, and once that is completed, we will begin playing the games. The draft portion will start at 14:30 UTC, with games scheduled to start at 15:30 UTC.

Map List: q3wcp1, ct3ctf1, Fjo3ctf3, q3wcp9, q3wcp14

If you're not familiar with this format, how it works is quite simple. From the final player list a small number of players will be selected to be captains, who will then pick players in a snaking order, until all registered players have been selected. We will employ a double elimination format, with all matches in the upper bracket being played as BO3, all matches in the lower bracket as a BO1, and the grand final as BO5. We're hoping this will actually allow us to finish this time.

To register, plese join the icon_discord CPMA Discord Server and message xero to be added to the draft list.

Stream: icon_twitch xerosawyer
Links: CTF Map Pack, icon_q3a CPMA Official Website