So you want to play CPMA? In this quick guide I will show you how to connect to the CPMA Community once you have the game all installed (or not).


The CPMA community primarily uses Discord,a free text and voice platform for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and android, to organize, socialize, and compete between each other. Using Discord you can join servers (virtual spaces where people congregate), and do all this fun. To join our Discord server go over to and register your account, then you can either login via the webapp, or download the application. Although it is not necessary to download the app, I would highly recommend it as allows you to use push-to-talk when using voice-communication.

Joining the CPMA Discord

Once you have that time you need to join the CPMA Server. To do this:
  1. Click add server, it is a + symbol enclosed inside in a circle on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. You will now get a prompt to either CREATE or JOIN a server.
  3. Select JOIN.
  4. You will now get a prompt to enter a server address.
  5. Enter Now you're connected to the CPMA Discord Server.
  6. Enter Now you're connected to the CPMA Russian Discord Server.
  7. Enter Now you're connected to the CPMA Oceania Discord Server.
That's all you need to do to connect. Once you're an admin will speak to you, and give you the appropriate roles.

CPMA Discord Server Information

The following channels are accessible to players when the join the server.

#announcements -- For CPMA news of any sort.
#general -- For general CPM chat.
#cpmpickup-au -- For Australian pickups games -- TDM, CTF, NTF, 2v2 and CTFS.
#cpmpickup-eu -- For European pickup games -- TDM, CTF, NTF, 2v2 and CTFS.
#cpmpickup-na -- For North American pickups games -- TDM, CTF, NTF, 2v2 and CTFS.
#cpmpickup-ru -- For Russian pickups games -- TDM, CTF, NTF, 2v2 and CTFS.
#cpmduel -- For duel pickups. This channel utilitizes [@Pubobot].
#leveldesign -- For any, and all level design related questions, discussions, etc...
#beginners -- A channel only accessible by players who have been assigned the Beginner role.
#help -- For new players getting into CPMA AND for any support inquiries.
#voicechat -- For players on voice chat that would like to share links, etc... without clogging up #general.
#streams -- A channel that will notify members when a Promode stream goes live on
#promoders -- A list of active, and retired Promoders from the ages. Sorted by country.
#admins -- Top secret.
The following people help administrate, and moderate the channel.

  1. Play Promode
  2. Be Nice
  3. ???
  4. Profit.
In seriousness, don't like a dick, and you'll be alright. Otherwise players will be warned, if they continue to behave poorly, they will be placed on the following ban path: 24 hours probation -> three day probation -> one week probation -> permanent ban.
The following Roles are available on the CPMA Discord Server.
  • Admins -- Denoting administrators.
  • Moderators -- Denoting moderators.
  • Developers -- Denoting developers who have helped with the CPMA website, Discord, etc..
  • Voiced -- Denoting important members of the community.
  • Casters -- Denoting people who have casted CPMA.
  • Mappers -- Denoting people with expertise for mapping in Quake 3.
  • Spielberg -- A special role for entik and Ryan_H. Two prolific CPMA movie producers.
  • Pickup Players (Region) -- A role for people who interested in pickup games. When it's time they will be notified via a highlight.
  • Beginners (Region) -- Denoting players who are new to CPMA, this role has special access to the private channel #beginners.
  • Defragger -- Denoting defraggers.
  • Probation -- People who have behaved poorly. They are stripped of all write privileges, and can only read chat.

What You Need